ACDelco Brake Parts Cleaner

ACDelco stands for quality. Get the performance you need with ACDelco products. ACDelco Brake Parts Cleaner has been specially formulated to quickly dissolve and remove brake dust, oil, grease, brake fluid, dirt, and other contamination. It’s great for cleaning brake components such as brake shoes, drums, springs, brake plates, calipers, pads, and rotors. It dries quickly without leaving any residue. ACDelco products are developed to exceed your performance expectations and deliver the durability you expect.


• Quickly dissolves brake dust and fluid, oil, grease, dirt, and other contamination
• Dries quickly without leaving residue
• Developed to exceed your performance expectations


Clean and dry all areas of wheel bearing contact and caliper slide surfaces before applying lubricant. If a cloth is used to dry the surfaces, please dispose of it properly as it may contain asbestos dust.
• Apply appropriate lubricant to all components that require lubrication, such as backing plates, adjusting screw assembly, caliper slides, and wheel bearings.
• Always wear eye protection when using aerosol cleaner.
• Do not apply brake parts cleaner to components after lubricant application.
• Do not apply to brake linings, plastic, or rubber parts, including seals.